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Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute
  • Size
  • AppearancePowerful and strong, this northern dog has been developed for stamina rather than speed, unlike some of the smaller breeds from this part of the world. Its dense, double-layered coat affords excellent protection from the often severe elements, having coarse outer guard hairs over a thick, oily, woolly undercoat. The length of the guard hairs varies, becoming longest over the shoulders and in the vicinity of the neck, as well as the back. The colour ranges from light grey through intermediate shades to black, or from gold through shades of red to liver.
  • CharacteristicsDue to its size and considerable strengh, firm training from an early age is essential. It still retains something of a pack instinct, which may lead to outbreaks of aggressive behaviour when it is in the company of other dogs. However, by nature it is friendly and affectionate to people.
  • TemperamentActive, exuberant.
  • Grooming Req.
  • ExceriseConsiderable
  • LocalityCountry
  • LifespanOver 9 years
  • Feeding CostsUnder £7 / Week

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