NSARDA Sponsorship

SARDA England

OSCAR are Proud to Sponsor NSARDA

Search and Rescue Dogs Association (NSARDA) England and Wales are registered charities dedicated to searching for missing people in mountainous, rural and urban environments. They are called out by the Police and also work closely with Mountain Rescue teams and the Coastguard.

The Dogs

Sniffing OutThe area of the brain dedicated to sniffing out smells is 40 times larger in a dog than a human. With over 200,000,000 receptors dogs are very well equipped to find lost people. Day or night, wind and rain, foggy or clear; NSARDA dogs will use their sense of smell to track lost people.

'Air Scenting' dogs search areas looking for human scent particles. They do not discriminate scent ie they do not look for specific people but will look for anyone that is in the area. Once they find a person they will return to their handler, indicate with a bark or by jumping up and take their handler back to the body and get rewarded with a treat or a play with a ball. To the dogs it's a game. To many of us it's life or death.

How Do OSCAR's Help?

SARDA Rescue

Oscar Pet Foods feed all graded dogs free of charge.

We believe that good nutrition is essential for stamina and fitness. NSARDA dogs need to be at peak condition to be able to perform at thier best. Any one of us may need their help and by feeding the very best food we hope to support the excellent work that NSARDA perform.

Would you like to contribute too? NSARDA handlers give up their own time in order to be there for us. Donations are vital, however large or small. Contact SARDA England, SARDA Wales, SARDA Northern Ireland, SARDA Southern Scotland and SARDA Isle of Man to make a donation or find out about fund raising.

You can now donate by phone too! Just text the amount you want to donate and the word 'DOGS19 ' to 70070. (For example a £5.00 donation, text 'DOGS19 £5' to 70070)

SARDA Handlers

Be a Body

You can also go a stage further and volunteer to be a 'body'! Full details can be found on NSARDA site NSARDA Dogs Bodies.

Dogsbodies assist from the very start of the dogs training. When working with the puppies they help to get the dog socialised with strangers and encourage the dog to bark on command. This is how our dogs indicate they have found a Dogsbody.

As a NSARDA Dogs-Body you would be part of an on-going Search Dog Training programme, in all weathers in winter and summer. With your help and time, hopefully, it will make an enormous impact in the different training aspects and stages that the dogs have to achieve. New bodies are always welcome, and mentored at first.

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