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Pet Health

  • Cats Indoors - Coronavirus
  • Coronavirus Dog Advice
  • Coronavirus Cat Advice
  • Coronavirus Small Animal Advice
  • Veterinary Advice During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • Caring For Older Dogs
  • Can Animals See in Colour?
  • Caring for your Rabbit over the Winter?
  • What is Pancreatitis?
  • Dental Care for Cats and Dogs
  • Safety for Pets from Spring Poisons
  • Treating your pet with OSCAR
  • Bites and Stings
  • Keep Teeth Clean With Dental Routine
  • We're all going on a Summer Holiday
  • Wimbledon's Jet Setting Pets
  • Dogs & Small Animals in Hot Weather
  • Coat Care in Hot Weather
  • Spring Time Allergies
  • Pesky Parasites: Part 2 Fleas
  • Pesky Parasites: Part 1 Ticks
  • Urinary Tract Disease in Dogs & Cats
  • Caring for Your Ageing Pet
  • Joint Care January
  • Christmas Food Toxicity
  • Avoiding Heat Stroke in Dogs
  • Being Alert to Canine Ear Conditions
  • Ticks Myths and Facts
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Breeding Bitches
  • Dental Care Tips for Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Obesity in Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Senior Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Adult Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Puppies
  • Life Stage Nutrition in Pets: Fact or Fallacy?
  • Fat-Friend or Foe?
  • Managing Dogs During Restricted Exercise
  • Springtime Advice for Dogs and Cats
  • Everyday Care for Ageing Pets
  • Cat Feeding Tips
  • Pets in Hot Weather
  • Flea and Worm Control for Dogs and Cats
  • Diabetes in Dogs and Cats
  • Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats
  • Anal Gland Problems
  • Off your Feet? – How to Still Care for Your Dog
  • Valentine's Day Looking After Your Pet Family
  • Christmas With Our Pets
  • Cold Weather and Our Pets
  • Keeping Your Dog In Good Shape - Part 2
  • Keeping Your Dog In Good Shape - Part 1
  • Pet Obesity - A Growing Issue
  • Pet Nutrition

  • Featured-Ingredient: Tyndallised Bacteria
  • Featured Ingredients: STAY-C® 50 (also referred to as STAY-C®lean)
  • Featured Ingredient: Antioxidants
  • Featured Ingredient: Herb and Botanical Pack
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Oscar Featured Ingredient: Sweet Potato
  • To Be or Not to Be ... Grain Free?
  • Featured Ingredient Lignocellulose
  • Featured Ingredient L-Carnitine
  • Pets and Protein
  • Featured Ingredient: Hydrolysed Protein
  • Featured Ingredient: Maintaining Super Skin
  • Featured Ingredient: Stay Clean
  • Featured Ingredient: Fish Oil
  • Featured Ingredient Part Two: Fibre
  • Featured Ingredient Part One: Fibre
  • Featured Ingredient Part Two: Water
  • Featured Ingredient Part One: Water
  • Featured Ingredient: Linseed
  • Featured Ingredient: StayClean
  • Pet Behaviour

  • Simple Nose Work Game For Dogs
  • Grieving Dog
  • Noise Sensitivity in Dogs
  • Indoor Games and Enrichment for Dogs
  • Fear of People
  • Socialisation
  • Hyperactivity Does It Really Exist?
  • Coprophagia Advice
  • Lead Reactivity
  • Things We Do That Our Dogs Hate
  • Scratching Posts
  • Bonfire Night Advice For Your Rabbits
  • Bonfire Night Advice For Your Cat
  • Bonfire Night Advice For Your Dog
  • Remembering our Beloved Pets
  • Heading Back To Work After The Summer Holidays
  • Outdoor Fun with your Dog
  • Keeping Rabbits Happy
  • Rewarding your Dog
  • Cats Living With Stress
  • Moving House With Pets
  • Puppy Troubleshooting
  • Puppy Toilet Training
  • Keeping your Pets Safe This Christmas
  • How to Make Vet Trips Less Stressful For Your Dog
  • Emotional Support for Dogs with Firework Phobia
  • Thunderstorms and the Effects on our Pets
  • Christmas with your Pets
  • Protect your Pets on Bonfire Night
  • Halloween Pet Safety Tips
  • Positive crate training for dogs
  • New Puppy Litter Blog - Stage 3: Socialisation Period
  • New Puppy Litter Blog - Stage 2: Transitional
  • New Puppy Litter Blog - Stage 1: Neonatal
  • Happy Holidays with your Dog
  • Spring into Training with your Dog
  • Puppy Power! Training and Socialisation
  • Bonfire Night Fireworks and Our Pets
  • Cats and Stress
  • Doggie Dictionary
  • Pet Advice

  • Emotional Impact of Winter Setting in for Some Dogs
  • How Will I Know If My Dog Is Happy
  • National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
  • Things to consider before bringing a new dog home
  • Canine Life Stages
  • Bring Your Dog to Work - Tips and Advice
  • Valentines day safety tips
  • Post Christmas Bulge!
  • Keeping your pets safe this Christmas
  • Festive first aid kit
  • Christmas presents for your pets
  • Winter Is Coming
  • Autumn Advice For Your Pets
  • National Walk Your Dog Week
  • Responsible Dog Ownership Day
  • Hot Weather and Rabbits
  • Feeding Fibrevores, Rabbit Feeding Advice
  • Easter Advice
  • Why We Love Owning Pets
  • Wild Birds and Winter
  • Autumn Advice
  • Warm Weather and Rabbits
  • How to Feed Wild Birds in Your Garden
  • Halloween Pet Safety Tips
  • Infograms

  • Rewarding your Pet
  • Back to School Advice
  • Valentines Day Advice
  • Easter Advice
  • Halloween Advice
  • Bonfire Night Advice
  • Christmas Advice
  • Christmas Advice - Toxic Foods
  • Pawcasts

  • Back To School Pawcast
  • Summer holidays with your dog Pawcast
  • Pets and hot weather Pawcast
  • Cats & Stress Pawcast
  • Feeding Wild Birds Pawcast
  • Fitness & Diet Pawcast
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    OSCAR News

    Contactless Safe Delivery of Pet Food

    Date: 11 May 2020

    Over the past few months, the world has changed beyond recognition.

    Introducing Andy and Nicky Watson, OSCAR Pet Foods Torbay

    Date: 05 May 2020

    We would like to extend a huge welcome to Andy and Nicky Watson - OSCAR Pet Foods Torbay

    Celebrating Five Years with OSCAR

    Date: 04 May 2020

    We would like to wish Mark & Tracy Round from Stourbridge a Happy 5th OSCAR Anniversary

    One Less Thing to Worry About During the Current Crisis

    Date: 18 Mar 2020

    Knowing that it’s likely to be on customers’ minds

    Veterinary Advice During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Date: 17 Mar 2020

    What to do if you need the vet during this Coronavirus crisis.

    Consider a Franchise and Self Employment on International Women’s Day

    Date: 04 Mar 2020

    International Women's day is celebrated annually on 8th March

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