Pet advice from the OSCAR Helpline Team

Owning and caring for your pet can be challenging at times, OSCAR Blogs are packed with helpful pet advice to keep you and your pet family happy and healthy.  If you would like to speak to us for free pet advice call 0800 195 8000 or drop us an email to

Pet Health

  • Put some fun into winter dogs walks!
  • What Are The Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs?
  • Have Your Pets Gained Weight In Lockdown?
  • The Importance of Worming your Dog and Cat
  • Cats Indoors - Coronavirus
  • Coronavirus Dog Advice
  • Coronavirus Cat Advice
  • Coronavirus Small Animal Advice
  • Veterinary Advice During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • Caring For Older Dogs
  • Can Animals See in Colour?
  • Caring for your Rabbit over the Winter?
  • Dental Care for Cats and Dogs
  • Safety for Pets from Spring Poisons
  • Treating your pet with OSCAR
  • Bites and Stings
  • Keep Teeth Clean With Dental Routine
  • We're all going on a Summer Holiday
  • Dogs & Small Animals in Hot Weather
  • Coat Care in Hot Weather
  • Spring Time Allergies
  • Pesky Parasites: Part 2 Fleas
  • Pesky Parasites: Part 1 Ticks
  • Urinary Tract Disease in Dogs & Cats
  • Caring for Your Ageing Pet
  • Joint Care January
  • Christmas Food Toxicity
  • Avoiding Heat Stroke in Dogs
  • Being Alert to Canine Ear Conditions
  • Ticks Myths and Facts
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Breeding Bitches
  • Dental Care Tips for Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Obesity in Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Senior Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Adult Dogs
  • Life Stage Nutrition: Puppies
  • Life Stage Nutrition in Pets: Fact or Fallacy?
  • Fat-Friend or Foe?
  • Managing Dogs During Restricted Exercise
  • Springtime Advice for Dogs and Cats
  • Everyday Care for Ageing Pets
  • Cat Feeding Tips
  • Pets in Hot Weather
  • Flea and Worm Control for Dogs and Cats
  • Anal Gland Problems
  • Off your Feet? – How to Still Care for Your Dog
  • Valentine's Day Looking After Your Pet Family
  • Tips to keep your pet safe at Christmas
  • Cold Weather and Our Pets
  • Keeping Your Dog In Good Shape - Part 2
  • Keeping Your Dog In Good Shape - Part 1
  • Pet Obesity - A Growing Issue
  • Pet Nutrition

  • Featured-Ingredient: Tyndallised Bacteria
  • Featured Ingredients: STAY-C® 50 (also referred to as STAY-C®lean)
  • Featured Ingredient: Antioxidants
  • Featured Ingredient: Herb and Botanical Pack
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics
  • Oscar Featured Ingredient: Sweet Potato
  • Why Feed Grain Free Pet Food
  • Featured Ingredient Lignocellulose
  • Featured Ingredient L-Carnitine
  • Pets and Protein
  • Featured Ingredient: Hydrolysed Protein
  • Featured Ingredient: Maintaining Super Skin
  • Featured Ingredient: Stay Clean
  • Featured Ingredient: Fish Oil
  • Featured Ingredient Part Two: Fibre
  • Featured Ingredient Part One: Fibre
  • Featured Ingredient Part Two: Water
  • Featured Ingredient Part One: Water
  • Featured Ingredient: Linseed
  • Featured Ingredient: StayClean
  • Pet Behaviour

  • Canine "Possession Aggression" and its treatment
  • Can dogs be trained to stop stealing?
  • Why Do Dogs Jump Up?
  • How to Socialise My Puppy With People During Social Distancing
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs after Lockdown
  • Having a Puppy During Lockdown
  • Simple Nose Work Game For Dogs
  • Grieving Dog
  • Noise Sensitivity in Dogs
  • Indoor Games and Enrichment for Dogs
  • Fear of People
  • Socialisation
  • Hyperactivity Does It Really Exist?
  • Coprophagia Advice
  • Lead Reactivity
  • Things We Do That Our Dogs Hate
  • Scratching Posts
  • Bonfire Night Advice For Your Rabbits
  • Bonfire Night Advice For Your Cat
  • Bonfire Night Advice For Your Dog
  • Remembering our Beloved Pets
  • Heading back to work after the Summer Holidays
  • Outdoor Fun with your Dog
  • Keeping Rabbits Happy
  • Rewarding your Dog
  • Cats Living With Stress
  • Moving House With Pets
  • Puppy Troubleshooting
  • Puppy Toilet Training
  • Keeping your Pets Safe This Christmas
  • How to Make Vet Trips Less Stressful For Your Dog
  • Thunderstorms and the Effects on our Pets
  • Christmas with your Pets
  • Halloween Safety Tips for Dog and Cats
  • Positive crate training for dogs
  • New Puppy Litter Blog - Stage 3: Socialisation Period
  • New Puppy Litter Blog - Stage 2: Transitional
  • New Puppy Litter Blog - Stage 1: Neonatal
  • Happy Holidays with your Dog
  • Spring into Training with your Dog
  • Puppy Power! Training and Socialisation
  • Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy
  • Doggie Dictionary
  • Pet Advice

  • Emotional Impact of Winter Setting in for Some Dogs
  • How Will I Know If My Dog Is Happy
  • National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
  • Things to consider before bringing a new dog home
  • Canine Life Stages
  • Bring Your Dog to Work - Tips and Advice
  • Valentines day safety tips
  • Post Christmas Bulge!
  • Keeping your pets safe this Christmas
  • Festive first aid kit
  • Christmas presents for your pets
  • Winter Is Coming
  • Autumn Advice For Your Pets
  • National Walk Your Dog Week
  • Responsible Dog Ownership Day
  • Hot Weather and Rabbits
  • What should I feed my rabbit?
  • Easter Advice
  • Why We Love Owning Pets
  • Wild Birds and Winter
  • Autumn Advice
  • Warm Weather and Rabbits
  • How to Feed Wild Birds in Your Garden
  • Pet Advice Infograms

  • Rewarding your Pet
  • Back to School Advice
  • Valentines Day Advice
  • Easter Advice
  • Halloween Advice
  • Bonfire Night Advice
  • Christmas Advice
  • Christmas Advice - Toxic Foods
  • Pawcasts

  • Back To School Pawcast
  • Summer holidays with your dog Pawcast
  • Pets and hot weather Pawcast
  • Cats & Stress Pawcast
  • Feeding Wild Birds Pawcast
  • Fitness & Diet Pawcast
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