Oscar Featured Ingredient: Stay Clean & Ease of Crunch

OSCAR Featured Ingredient

Stay Clean & Ease of Crunch

This month we are taking a closer look at ‘Stay Clean’ and ‘Ease of Crunch’ in our tasty OSCAR Cat Food range. We will be explaining what it is, why we have it and how it can benefit your cat.

What is ‘Ease of Crunch’ and why do we have it?

Cats jaws are slightly different to ours, mainly because they do not have a chewing action. For cats, it is straight up and down. Because of this, when it comes to dry food, the kibble can be too hard and difficult to break up when eating. Often cats will take a mouth full of biscuits, attempt to crunch a few and then give up and swallow the whole mouthful down! Swallowing large amounts of whole kibble can not only be uncomfortable for them, but also causes indigestion (and sometimes even sickness) as they struggle to digest such a large amount. Thanks to OSCAR, this can be a thing of the past! OSCAR have filled their cat food kibble with tiny air bubbles - reducing the density and making each kibble much easier to break up and crunch.

Rusty from Pontefract

How will this benefit my cat?

Not only the bubbles but also the shape of the kibble has been specially designed to entice. We’ve modelled it in such a way that it feels comfortable in your cat’s mouth and enables easy eating. No more indigestion, no more gulping biscuits and no more sickness. With these brilliant bubbles your cat will once again enjoy meal times whilst preserving their pearly whites - all at the same time!

What is ‘Stay Clean’ and why do we have it?

By the time our favourite felines reach 3 years of age, around 70% of them may be starting to develop (or have already developed) dental disease. Let’s talk prevention; have you tried to clean your cat’s teeth lately? If not introduced at a very young age, this can be a very stressful and difficult procedure for both cats and their owners.

No need to fear! OSCAR have removed the hissing, spitting, biting and scratching from the dreaded dental care routine with the simple addition of ‘Stay Clean’.

Both OSCAR Adult & OSCAR Adult Care ranges have a little something extra added, specially to help improve dental concerns in our beloved feline friends. Each piece of yummy OSCAR cat kibble is coated in a specialised source of Vitamin C - in the form of a very fine powder. As our tiny tigers bite into the food, their saliva activates an effective ‘mouth wash’ that helps to prevent plaque and tartar build up. DON’T WORRY! There’s no foaming, rinsing or swilling needed, and the best bit is that neither you, nor them will even realise it’s happening.

How will this benefit my cat?

No more loose teeth, fewer dental bills, no more fiddly finger tooth brushes or battling with finger biters! Cats can be seriously stressy about lots of things, so why not remove tooth brushing from their list and help make meal times more enjoyable? Keeping their gnashers away from you (and in their food) sounds like a good idea to us. Don’t you agree? Take a look at our range and see for yourself: Adult Chicken & Duck Dinner, Adult Scottish Salmon & Chicken, Adult Turkey Lite and Adult Care Complete Chicken all have the added features of ‘Stay Clean’ and our very own ‘Ease of Crunch’. Simply purrr…fect!

If you would like any further advice on our featured ingredient, please contact the OSCAR Helpline on our freephone number 0800 195 8000 or email helpline@oscars.co.uk

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