New OSCAR Franchise in the Spotlight: Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson

New OSCAR Franchisee in the Spotlight

Oscar Franchisee: Mark Robertson

Which area does your OSCAR business cover?

East Southampton through to West Fareham.

What was your career before OSCAR?

I worked in IT for 25 years plus, managing various support teams within large organisations, as well as offshore, outsourced IT. I was made redundant in IT four times. This prompted me to consider changing career and pursuing something I'm passionate about. Prior to IT, I was in car sales working for various garages in Southampton.

What made you decide on a career change to run your own OSCAR Business?

Being disillusioned with Information Technology (IT) support in IT service provider companies: where profit is put before service, and support teams are there to mop-up the mess from badly delivered projects. Being made redundant numerous times and thinking there's more to life than being a slave to major corporations. These reasons prompted me to look at becoming my own boss and making a real success in life.

What was it that made you choose an OSCAR franchise business?

The experience day at Preston was very positive and the assessment day with Shaun Brigden went very well. I wanted to be a part of a brand leader and had a gut feeling that OSCAR is the right choice for me.

What has been your favourite part of your OSCAR training so far?

So far, I think my Oscar training has given me the product knowledge to go out and effectively demonstrate why Oscar pet food is such a good product – one that can enhance health, and benefit customer's pets.

Having the confidence to sell such a premium British brand. Using it for our Boxer (Jasper) I have seen for myself how good this product is. Certain that I had previously been giving him the 'best’ food, I find a food that is even better.

Meeting lots of like-minded people within the Oscar offices, as well as other franchisees during the training sessions, who are obviously passionate about animal nutrition and health, gives me confidence that what I am preaching is backed-up by a team of colleagues who are all 100% behind pet nutritional health.

The field training has also been of great help; going out with an experienced Oscar franchisee, who is able to guide me through the process, has been very beneficial.

Overall, I have had a whirlwind, exciting, few weeks and am having a great time starting off my own business.

What pets do you have?

Jasper, a Boxer, three-and-a-half years old.

Which OSCAR food do you feed your pet?

OSCAR Adult Complete Lamb & Rice.

What is your pet's favourite game to play and why?

'Fetch' with a tennis ball or anything squeaky! And hunting out puddles and running through them!

Tell us a funny tale about your pet

At 8:30 every evening Jasper pretends he wants to go to the toilet and starts whining near the back door; he then herds us back to under the stairs where his treats are kept.

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