New OSCAR Franchise in the Spotlight: Stephen De Boise

New OSCAR Franchise in the Spotlight: Stephen de Boise

Which areas does your Oscar business cover?

Welcome to OSCAR Pet Foods Isle of Wight

The Initial area will be Sandown, Brading and Bembridge but I intend to cover the whole island within a couple of months.

Anything Interesting?

I started life off as a gardener taking up a local authority apprenticeship and culminating in obtaining a diploma in horticulture from Edinburgh Botanic Garden. However, life has a way of disrupting plans and, over the years, I have worked as a Contracts Consultant, a Hotelier and a Funeral Director. Pets have always formed a part of my life starting with a budgie when I was only 3, followed by goldfish, tropical fish, a tortoise and a number of rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats. My wife, at one time, was a breeder of British Blues and Creams including one supreme champion!

Apart from gardening I spent many years running as a club athlete for a number of clubs competing in the steeplechase on the track, cross country and road running, to marathon distance. Today, my main form of exercise is dinghy sailing.

What pets do you own?

Currently we have two dogs: Albie, an Australian Silky (aged 12) - inherited from my late father - and Obie, a Jack Russell Border cross (aged 10), rescued from the Friends of the Animals. We have three cats: Hobbs and Frankie (5) from the RSPCA and Lottie (4) from the Cats Protection League, plus four chickens: Rosie, Daisy, Lupin and Lilly (aged 2) and in the near future a number of goldfish for the recently installed garden pond.

Which Oscar food do you feed your pets?

We feed the dogs Oscars Adult Complete Sensitive as Obie suffers from itchy skin especially during the summer and they both love the Natural Jerky Fish Skins as a treat, the cats have a mixture of Adult Scottish Salmon & Rice and Turkey Lite.

What are your pets' favourite games to play?

As Albie struggles with both sight and hearing he hates going out, so spends most of his time sleeping, but Obie loves his walks on the beach with his balls - especially if he can go for a swim!

Tell us a funny tale about your pets

Obie loves to wash the ears of the cats who roll on the floor to let him do this until they get bored with the game but it's the reaction of Daisy, queen of the coop, who, on the odd occasion he chases one of her flock, will raise herself to her full height and stand up to him as if to say "Come on then, try this beak!"

If you could be any pet what would you be and why?

Probably a cat; most live a life of luxury being fed and watered at frequent intervals. They will then find the best place to chill out or sleep and if they get fed up with the way they are treated they will just up and leave, probably having already sussed out the neighbour who gives them the additional treat or feed.

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