New OSCAR Franchise in the Spotlight: Sue Shakespeare

Sue Shakespeare

New OSCAR Franchisee in the Spotlight

Oscar Franchisee: Sue Shakespeare

Which area does your OSCAR business cover?

The surrounding areas to where I live in Goldhanger, in the Maldon area of Essex. This is a mixture of rural and urban households.

What was your career before OSCARS?

Before OSCARS, I was a senior healthcare assistant in palliative care. In the past, I have worked with horses and dogs. I have a keen interest in dogs.

What made you decide on a career change to run your own OSCAR business?

I have always wanted to run my own business and have reached an age where, if I was going to do it, it was now or never.

What made you choose an OSCAR franchise business?

The franchise had to be of genuine interest to me. OSCAR's membership and awards with the British Franchise Association (BFA) won. Also, the training given to new franchisees, together with good on-going support.

What has been your favourite part of your OSCAR training so far?

With regards to what I enjoyed most at the training (although all was of benefit) I particularly liked the comparison between bars of chocolate and how cats eat (due to my fondness of chocolate)!

What pets do you have?

Boyce 14-year-old Whippet, Rodders 10-year-old Whippet, Del 8-year-old Whippet, Trig 7-year-old Whippet, Cassie 5-year-old Whippet, Jimmy 4-year-old Whippet, Pandie 1-year-old Whippet, Martha 1-year-old Whippet, Luna 4-month -old Whippet, Rischkin 5-year-old Borzoi, Riana 7-year-old rescue Saluki, Eve 3-year-old Silken Windhound.

Which OSCAR food do you feed your pet?

Luna is on OSCAR Puppy food. The adult dogs will be on OSCAR Working Dog Chicken and Salmon when they are competing. Our eldest boy, Boyce, is on OSCAR Chicken and Rice.

What is your pet's favourite game to play and why?

The dogs love to chase due to their prey drive. Some interact more than others; bringing the toy back to me to be thrown again.

Tell us a funny tale about your pet

Boyce, in his younger day, would always feel the need to tell the lawn mower off when it was brought out to cut the grass! He would run up to it, barking, and then go whizzing off. This would be done repeatedly until the mower was put away again.

If you could be any pet, what would it be and why?

It would have to be a dog (provided I lived in a good home and was well cared for). Then I could be pampered, whilst having all my needs met, and watch the humans fetch and carry for me!

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