New OSCAR Franchisee in the Spotlight: Sarah Brannen

Sarah Brannen

Name: Sarah Brannen

Which area does your OSCAR business cover?

My area is in Tees Valley, North East England, covering Billingham, Wynyard, Wolviston, Hartlepool, Sedgefield, Fishburn, Thorpe Larches & Thorpe Thewles.

What made you decide on a career change to run your own OSCAR business?

I was looking for a new challenge. I had always wanted to run my own business, and after doing some research I decided that opting for a franchise would be the best way forward for me.

What was it that made you choose an OSCAR franchise business?

I have always loved animals, and the thought of being in daily contact with pets and the people who own and love them would be a great business. Oscar Pet Foods appealed to me as it has been trading for 20 years and has a number of other successful franchisees, so there is a track record. The support that was on offer was also appealing, as the thought of running a business can be a bit daunting. I also liked that Oscar Pet Foods has been a full member of the British Franchise Association for a number of years.

What was your career before OSCARS?

I have worked in a number of roles, most recently I worked for a local authority in the Housing Strategy service. I’ve mainly done customer service roles, such as being a Housing Officer for a large housing association for a number of years. I’ve also worked as a Hotel Receptionist, as well as other administrative roles.

What has been your favourite part of your OSCAR training so far?

It was great to meet the two other new starters who commenced their Oscar franchises on the same day as me, but who operate in different parts of the country. It’s good to know that there are others who I can contact who may be experiencing the same things. The two weeks in-house training was useful and very thorough, and I’ve also enjoyed the few days of field training that I’ve received so far. My trainer, Howard, is really nice and I picked up some good tips from him.

What pet's do you have?

I have one cat, called Daisy. She is an all black British Shorthair. I’ve had her from being 6 weeks old when she was tiny. She’s now a senior citizen, aged 13, and thinks she owns the place! She loves cuddles (when it suits her), and still acts like a kitten from time to time.

Sarah and Daisy

Which OSCAR food do you feed your pet?

I feed Daisy on Adult Care Complete Chicken. Last time I took her for a check up, the Vet was surprised when I mentioned how old she was. The Vet thought she was about 2 years old and said her teeth looked like a kitten's!

What is your pet's favourite game to play and why?

She has a mountain of toys, but we have a laser-pointer, which is supposed to be used for presentations. If we shine the laser light on the carpet and move it around, the cat loves chasing the light around – and sometimes thinks she’s caught it!

Tell us a funny tale about your pet

My next door neighbour is not very fond of cats. One summers day, I looked out of the rear window of our house and noticed my neighbour was hard at work doing some gardening. I then noticed that my cat, Daisy, was cheekily sitting watching him, whilst relaxing in the sun on his sun lounger.

If you could be any pet, what would it be and why?

A cat – they live the life of Riley. They sleep for 70% of the day, the rest of the time is taken up by eating, scratching, playing and getting cuddled – who wouldn’t like that?

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