What is Pancreatitis?

What is Pancreatitis?

The pancreas is a very important organ near the stomach, which has two distinct parts. One part produces digestive enzymes, and the other produces hormones that control blood sugar level. If the pancreas becomes inflamed, pancreatitis occurs.

Pancreatitis can occur in dogs and cats of any age, breed, or sex. A dog or cat may experience a single episode of pancreatitis, or have recurrent bouts throughout its life. Sometimes the condition becomes chronic. Repeated bouts can cause permanent damage to the pancreas and lead to exocrine pancreatic deficiency.

Why do dogs and cats develop Pancreatitis?

There are many different causes of pancreatitis and the condition appears to be increasingly common. The exact triggers are not known, but the following factors are thought to be associated with it:

  • Feeding a high fat diet
  • Obesity
  • Scavenging
  • Reaction to drugs
  • Diabetes
  • Cushings Syndrome
  • Genetics (Schauzers, Cocker Spaniels and Yorkshire Terriers are more prone)
  • What are the symptons of Pancreatitis?

    There are a variety of symptoms that my indicate pancreatitis:

  • Temperature

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhoea

  • Loss of appetite

  • Weight Loss

  • Abdominal pain

  • Lethargy

  • Fatigue

  • If your dog or cat displays any of these symptoms associated with pancreatitis, it is important to take them to see the vet promptly for a health check.

    How can OSCAR help?

    Following treatment, a dog or cat requires a moderate fat diet, that contains highly digestible protein in order to reduce the risk of the condition returning. Remember to make any alterations to your pet’s diet very gradually, avoiding any abrupt changes.

    We recommend our Adult Care Complete Pinnacle Plus or Adult Care High Fibre Lite food for dogs with a history of pancreatitis. The owner can add some cooked mashed potato (without margarine) in the ratio of 1:1 by weight, depending on the severity of the condition, however always remember to seek your vet's advice on managing your pet’s condition.

    For cats, we would recommend our Adult Care Turkey Lite cat food.

    If you would like any further advice on What is Pancreatitis? please contact the OSCAR Helpline on our freephone number 0800 195 8000 or email helpline@oscars.co.uk

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