Kathryn Forrest

OSCAR Pet Foods Exeter

Hello! My name is Kathryn, and I am pleased to introduce myself as your local OSCAR Pet Foods Nutritional Advisor. In my area of Exeter, I can offer you a personal service delivering dog food, cat food and small animal food, accessories, treats and healthcare products.

I have always had a ‘built-in’ care button, and my passion for pets is something I would like to share with you. Over the years I have been lucky to have dogs in my life and, currently, Bertie (my beautiful springer) is a big part of that.

Ensuring the wellbeing of our pets is a great responsibility and feeding a good-quality food suitable for each life stage is essential. It was over twenty years ago when my first dog Harvey was having major dietary problems that I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to an OSCAR nutritional advisor. I could not thank them enough for their patience, guidance and commitment to Harvey – and me as a customer. When Wolfie and Dotty arrived my loyalty to OSCAR continued, over many happy years, and now it's Bertie who has me as his personal Nutritional Advisor!

Knowing so much about OSCAR, combined with belief and backing from my husband, Steve, (who was there to support me when an OSCAR business opportunity became available) meant the timing was perfect. I was ready for a change of career and by combining a variety of skills, and thirty years of working with children, my expertise in care fitted perfectly.  There has been a lot to learn. The science of dog food and cat food is an exciting topic, and the knowledge will help me when advising on the best product dependent on your pet’s lifestyle, size or breed.

If you need advice on your pet’s diet, please give me a call as I would love to chat about the pet foods I can offer. Remember, I am also able to provide you with added support for you and your pet as OSCAR has a team of experts in behaviour, nutrition and veterinary matters.