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Hello from The OSCARdirect Team.

If you’re new to OSCAR - don’t worry! As trained Nutritional Advisors, it's our job to support you in every possible way. We are trained to help you understand your pets individual needs, allowing you to make the right choice of food to ensure optimal health for them throughout every life-stage.

At OSCAR we understand life is busy, so our unique reminder and delivery service helps you spend more quality time with your pets.

The OSCAR hassle-free shopping and delivery experience saves you time and fuel and reduces environmental damage. We take pride in bringing the delights of a complete pet care service right to your doorstep, including health care products, accessories and small animal food – not to mention all the mouth-watering varieties of dog food, cat food and tasty treats your pets will adore.

OSCAR Pet Foods have been delivering nutritional excellence since 1994. We are proud to be British and know that only the best will do, so all of our pet foods are formulated by experts, nutritionally balanced and honestly labelled.

Contact: 0800 195 8000

OSCARdirect Team

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