Nichola Southwick-Gough

OSCAR Pet Foods Sutton Coldfield

Hello, I'm Nikki, and I'm really excited about bringing OSCAR Pet Foods to my area of Sutton Coldfield. As a nutritional advisor, my personal service delivers not only advice, but also high-quality dog food, cat food, small animal food, treats, toys and pet healthcare products.

With numerous pet owners enjoying the surrounding countryside, Sutton Coldfield cherishes a pet friendly community in need of easy access to healthy pet food choices and local pet supplies. My mobile delivery service makes sure every pet is rewarded with something special.

I made the decision to set up my own business because I could see a real opening for OSCAR. The surrounding nature reserves, parklands and conservation areas attract people from all walks of life, and I enjoy the experience of bringing my bespoke services to their door! I absolutely love where I live and long to be more connected with my local community. As a passionate pet owner, myself, the concept of OSCAR appealed instantly - giving me the opportunity to change my world.

A timely redundancy from the insurance profession couldn't have come soon enough. I feel proud to be part of an organisation that has helped me gain my animal nutritional qualification (CertCAN QCF Level 3) and given me access to more people and their pets who will gain from my expertise in what I want to call 'my family’ business. The convenience of being a local pet shop delivering dog food, cat food and pet accessories whilst providing balanced nutrition with expert advice, directly to the customer, is a service that I, too, as a customer, value.

Having tested the benefits of OSCAR's optimal health and vitality foods on my own pets, I’m looking forward to extending my 'pet family' through products that we can trust. Roscoe, my stressed rescue dog — once fearful of feeding — is now calm and thriving on the best nutrition available for him. And, my big 54kg bear, Jeff, has been cured of wind and digestive problems from a choice of grain-free foods, which has been a great relief!

OSCAR has shown me that I can deliver an honestly labelled product with confidence to help you choose the ideal diet for your pet. From puppyhood through to senior years I can take time to understand your pet and to support you with a friendly, caring service that will mean so much to me.