Blog: Meet Otto the puppy

Blog: Meet Otto the puppy
Date: 08 May 2012

Otto joined the OSCAR team here at head office a few weeks ago. He's settled in very well and has already shown signs of a strong will and a determined nature. Otto is looked after by our MD and family but on week days we all get to look after him as he patrols the offices here in Preston. His full name is St. Quintin Chocolate Mousse - but we prefer Otto!

Training is important at an early stage. Our resident expert behaviourist Shelley has a plan in place to train Otto to be a good boy. Many of these techniques are good at protecting Otto too from running away and getting too near danger spots like traffic etc.

This is the list that Shelley is working through:

*Sit, down and stand *Stay *Recall *Heel training *Retrieving *Focus command *Correct Greeting (ie not to jump up) *'Leave it' *Puppy play *Fun tricks (shake a paw, roll over, wave)

A lot of the training will progress on to bigger behaviours when he's older for example sitting will be used to at the road, when taking lead off, waiting for food.

So Otto has a lot to take in over the next few weeks but we'll keep you posted on his progress. Do you have a puppy too? Why not learn along with Otto? Keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter and via this site and we'll share Otto's progress and learn together.

(A word about nutrition. Otto is being fed Oscar Healthy Growth right now [] It's the best start he can have and we'll keep you posted on what he is eating depending on his (all important) life stage and activity levels.)

If you'd like bespoke advice (not just a fact sheet) about your dog of any age then please get in touch: *0800 195 8000 * * *

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