A Superior Service from OSCAR Woking

A Superior Service from OSCAR Woking
Date: 02 Jun 2021

Introducing Trevor Sproat, OSCAR Pet Foods Woking

My partner and I have two gorgeous cocker spaniels – red coat, Rio, and chocolate roan, Ripley – our chief tasters and testers whose own dietary history was solved in an instant with OSCAR’s Fresh Salmon Adult Complete. Experiencing, first-hand, the difference that nutritional expertise can make to pets’ lives was a complete eye opener for me and this drives my passion to share the importance of nutritional quality in pet food choices.

I’m passionate about OSCAR products and passionate about delivering a superior service that pets and their owners deserve. I also admire OSCAR’s environmental ethos and take care to use my knowledge of the local roads to make my way to customers in the most eco-friendly way.

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Find your local nutritional advisor

As an OSCAR customer, your Local Nutritional Advisor is there for you.

Never far away, they can deliver direct to your door. If you are self-isolating, OSCAR Pet Foods offers a range of services all delivered straight to your door.

To find your Local Nutritional Advisor or contact us on 0800 195 8000

Considering your career option and want to find out more?

As the demand for safe home-delivery of quality pet food increases, OSCAR is looking to expand its network of franchisees across the UK. If you are currently considering your career options, self-employment with OSCAR presents a fantastic opportunity to combine a successful business venture with much-needed community support. We’d love to hear from you Why not take a look here

For further details contact : Janet, Colleen or Mandy via email or phone on 0800 068 1106 or Contact Us Here

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