Milo's Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Date: 31 May 2019

Meet Milo the Jack Russell who slimmed down to lose a third of his body weight in five months.

JACK Russell Milo was enjoying his food far too much before he was taken to the vets. His owner Carolyn Birchall, from Lowton, was told that Milo - weighing in at 15kg - was obese.

OSCAR Pet Foods nutritional advisor Janine Hampson was recommended to Carolyn by a neighbour to help Milo drop the pounds. He was also struggling to walk, suffered with a permanent limp, had difficulty relaxing and was whimpering at night.After meeting up with Milo last August, Janine gave diet advice for him to Carolyn which subsequently led to him losing a third of his body weight (5kg) in five months and slim down to 10kg.

Carolyn said: "Timing was perfect."

"Upon being given the bad news I had a dilemma as to what I could feed Milo. I've always rescued dogs and never really experienced an issue of this nature but, knowing Milo was partial to what Milo liked, he was about to give me a challenge to find the ideal food to help him lose weight.

"Janine was like a breath of fresh air and her assurance filled me with confidence. We discussed all his issues, one being he would only eat dry food mixed with wet food, and I found myself on tenterhooks when he was given a bowl of adult care high fibre lite. Careful monitoring, weighing food and cutting out treats means Milo is now down to an amazing 10kg and running around like a youngster – forgetting he is eleven years of age."

"I have been so impressed with Janine's support and can't say enough about the service she offers. She’s also helped Hobo, my Bedlington Terrier, to manage his paw licking habit with just a change of diet. Seeing the difference the weight loss has made to Milo I can't help noticing just how many dogs are overweight."

Around 65 per cent of dogs in the UK are currently overweight. Obesity can shorten lives and lead to many other diseases such as arthritis, breathing difficulties, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

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