OSCAR Dry Grain Free Cat Food

Date: 07 Nov 2018

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OSCAR Dry Grain Free Cat Food

You asked … and we've delivered. Cats are known to go in search of a good meal, but for the discerning palate, our new grain free recipe adds another meal to the OSCAR range of healthy and nutritious foods, enriching the lives of those who prefer choice.

From kitten through to adult care and weight control, all the natural ingredients in OSCAR cat foods bring a wealth of benefits to suit the different life stages of a cat. But now with the addition of its new grain free formula comes a food that creates the ideal balance for a delicate tummy. Consisting of a collection of tiny bubbles, the food has been designed for easy crunch, helping the cat's incisors to break down the kibble enough to enjoy optimal digestion.

A delicious and tasty meal, containing 49% British chicken, the ingredients combine proteins, vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy metabolism. Supporting muscles, bones, heart and digestive system, and with help to control hairballs, this new grain free food will meet all your cat's needs.

There's one important additional ingredient that improves oral health. From the age of 7 months a cat will have all its adult teeth and without proper care, 70% start to show signs of oral disease by the age of three. The added benefit of Stay Clean oral care is a finely powdered form of Vitamin C, which does the work of a toothbrush, acting as a mouthwash to help fight against the build-up of plaque and tartar.

With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives the OSCAR complete pet care service brings you another high-quality product to keep your cat happy and healthy.

The OSCAR CAT STARTER PACK is a great introduction to anything from the OSCAR range of food, which comes complete with a pack of treats and a handy storage bucket to maintain freshness – AND ALL FOR JUST £5!

For more information you can discuss your cat's personal requirements with OSCAR who will put you in touch with your local Nutritional Advisor; please call 0800 195 8000, it's the call your cat is waiting for!

If you would like more information on any of the OSCAR products contact your local Nutritional Advisor or contact us on 0800 195 8000

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For further details contact : Janet, Colleen or Mandy via email or phone on 0800 068 1106 or Contact Us Here

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