Pet Idol of the Year Winner Is ... Boomer

Pet Idol of the Year Winner  Is ... Boomer
Date: 13 Mar 2019

To be crowned the overall 2018/19 Pet Idol – in association with OSCAR Pet Foods – was something of a walk in the park for Boomer, a very handsome Shar Pei.

Boomer's owner was encouraged by her OSCAR Nutritional Advisor to enter the competition. It was clear he had star qualities which shone through when the OSCAR Social Creative Team selected him as a finalist, alongside two other pets, for October. It is a hard decision for the team to make when there is a mountain of entries each with their own special appeal. But it was the public who voted for their favourite and Boomer won Pet Idol for the month of October.

In February 2019, all twelve monthly winners went head to head to compete for the overall title and Boomer, once again, stole the hearts of the public to be crowned the outright winner: Pet Idol 2018/19.

Boomer, as a Shar Pei, looks a little bit different from other dogs, and his colour is strikingly unique within his breed, making him irresistible to anyone who loves dogs. As it was for Louise Hilton, his local OSCAR Nutritional Advisor for South Derbyshire, on a chance meeting while out for a walk.

They met again at a Bark in the Park dog show when Boomer won Cutest Pup - going on to be selected Best in Show and winning the top prize from OSCAR, who sponsored the event. This was Boomer's official introduction to becoming an OSCAR customer and his first step into the hall of fame as his owner's 'little champion'.

In offering congratulations to Boomer, he wins a year’s supply of his favourite OSCAR food and a canvas of his winning image; but while he enjoys his year in the limelight, he leaves the opportunity open to the many other OSCAR pets who have been too shy to enter.

Dog, cat, rabbit, hamster - there are no holds barred for domestic pets around the UK. Anyone can enter and anyone can take part in the final judging. There's always a prize for a winner!

Join the 'Pet Idol Set' and get involved.

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