Welcome to OSCAR Pet Foods Herefordshire

Welcome to OSCAR Pet Foods Herefordshire
Date: 30 May 2018

Redundancy opened the door to OSCAR for Nic Kinch of Herefordshire

“Moving to Hereford after redundancy, I was ready to follow my husband's experience of self-employment. I needed to find a business that brought about a complete lifestyle change, from working in HR to finding something we could share.

“A pet franchise had an appeal as we are a pet family, and OSCAR, which I discovered through the BFA website, was extremely helpful, provided a service that I knew would suit me, my husband and our pets.

“While researching the options, I found OSCAR personable and open about the structure of the business, which very much helped me to make the right decision. We can now look forward to meeting new customers in the area, while promoting the business at local shows and events throughout the summer months.”

Good luck Nic with your new business!

If you would like more information on any of the OSCAR products contact your local Nutritional Advisor or contact us on 0800 195 8000

Would you like to run your own pet food business? Why not take a look here

For further details contact : Janet, Mandy or Colleen via email or phone on 0800 068 1106 or Contact Us Here

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