Why Franchising?

Why Franchising?
Date: 02 Dec 2020

Why franchising? OSCAR Pet Foods explain why security, proven business models, and technology provide a reassuring answer.

As we head towards Brexit, with redundancies rising and an uncertain job market, figures published by the British Franchising Association confirm more and more people are seeking the security of being their own boss.

It seems the shock of COVID and its devastating impact on employment figures is igniting many entrepreneurial sparks – and British franchising is fanning the flames.

As one of the UK’s top pet industry franchisors, OSCAR Pet Foods know there are clear winners and losers in this pandemic economy. Fortunately, their contactless safe delivery of trusted, high-quality pet food has meant thousands of customers have enjoyed a convenient and reliable service for their pet families throughout COVID restrictions.

Flexible investment packages

Proven business models, flexible investment packages and effective training plans are just part of the ‘safety net’ that franchising offers.

Whilst shop-based retailers are facing challenging times due to stringent social distancing regulations, many franchise businesses, especially van-based ones like OSCAR, are proving to be particularly resilient.

Being an essential business is a definite head start. Add to that our nation’s love of pets and you have the perfect recipe for success.

Being at home with pets during lockdown has been a comfort to many families. And with statistics provided by the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association confirming 9 million dogs and 7.5 million cats* in the UK, the temptation to consider OSCAR Pet Foods speaks for itself.

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Finding the right franchisor

Franchising needs to be a great fit. Finding a franchisor that you like and share values with, and a franchise that matches your skills and lifestyle is important. At OSCAR we take great care to make sure we’re right for you – and that you are right for us!

Scrutiny is an essential part of making the right choice, and our full membership of the British Franchising Association provides prospect franchisees with essential security and peace of mind.

Fortunately, with 25 years of successful franchising behind us, OSCAR understand that not all franchisees have the same needs. That’s why we offer bespoke franchise packages based on choice and flexibility: choice of financial investment, and flexible start-up packages that manage expanding knowledge and expertise at a comfortable pace.

Thankfully, we’re no strangers to technology so supporting our franchise network through digital connectivity (enabling meetings, training sessions and daily updates to take place remotely) has been easy this year.

Why not come and join one of the most trusted and successful pet franchise operations in Britain? *2020 Pet Data Report PFMA

Find your local nutritional advisor

As an OSCAR customer, your Local Nutritional Advisor is there for you.

Never far away, they can deliver direct to your door. If you are self-isolating, OSCAR Pet Foods offers a range of services all delivered straight to your door.

To find your Local Nutritional Advisor or contact us on 0800 195 8000

Considering your career option and want to find out more?

As the demand for safe home-delivery of quality pet food increases, OSCAR is looking to expand its network of franchisees across the UK. If you are currently considering your career options, self-employment with OSCAR presents a fantastic opportunity to combine a successful business venture with much-needed community support. We’d love to hear from you Why not take a look here

For further details contact : Janet, Colleen or Mandy via email or phone on 0800 068 1106 or Contact Us Here

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Find Your Local Advisor

OSCAR Local Nutritional Advisors care for customers all over the UK. To find yours simply enter your postcode below:

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Why Franchising?

Date: 02 Dec 2020

Why franchising? OSCAR Pet Foods explain why security, proven business models, and technology ...

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