Oscar Agility - Crystal Litter

Super absorbent, locking odours inside the crystal and allowing the liquid moisture to evaporate out fast, naturally repeating this cycle over a period of one month. There are special porous channels inside the Oscar Crystal Litter that grab the odour particles and lock them inside its core.

Oscar Crystal Litter is light in weight and highly effective. It can last one cat up to one month without changing. This is considerably longer than traditional litters, making it a very economical product. Oscar Crystal Litter is safe for you and your pets - even if consumed. Silica based (but not to be confused with those little sachets you find in packaging and new products)

Sizes and Prices
OSCAR Agility Crystal Cat Litter (3.8L) £7.95


Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

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