Cat Food Starter Pack

Would you like to try OSCAR Complete Dry Cat Food? Our Cat Food Starter Pack is just the thing!

£5 including free home delivery.

With two 400g starter bags of OSCAR complete dry cat food, a delicious packet of malt bit treats, a small bag of Breeder Celect Cat Litter, all perfectly packed into an airtight storage bucket ... our Starter Packs make a lot of sense!

**This special offer is limited to one purchase only, with a maximum 2 packs per customer**

Sizes and Prices
Kitten Chicken Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Grain Free Chicken Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Rich in Salmon & Chicken Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Rich in Turkey Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Rich in Chicken with Duck Starter Pack £5.00
Senior Rich in Chicken with Turkey Starter Pack £5.00


Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

  • OSCAR Honest LabelWe openly declare all the individual ingredients in our food with chemical analysis listed by content. Natural supplements, specific to OSCAR, contribute to all-round health, vitality and condition.
  • Easy CrunchDesigned with your cat in mind. Every nugget contains many small air bubbles ensuring an easier, healthier crunch. The secret behind OSCAR Agility's palatability is that it's easier for cats to eat than many other cat foods. This high level of 'Mechanical Energy' satisfies the 'ease of crunch' a cat needs from its food and is why cats come back to Agility time and time again.
  • Healthy Alert BrainFolic acid and Fish oils for Omega 3 (DHA)
  • Good EyesightLutein to filter strong light
  • Anti-OxidantsBeta Carotene, Vit C & E keep cells healthy
  • Healthy HeartTaurine provides support heart cells
  • Immune SupportVit C & E + Beta-Carotene to support the immune system
  • Lean BodyL-Carnitine helps your dog burn fat not muscle
  • Energy BalanceVitamin B12 & Iron for optimum blood oxygen levels
  • Strong BonesVit D, Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphate to help build strong bones
  • Healthy JointsGlucosamine to support joint health
  • Optimised EnergyVitamin B for optimum energy
  • Healthy DigestionPre-biotics & Beet Pulp for a healthy gut
  • Great TastingBasted in meat juices so your dog will love it
  • Healthy CoatBiotin, Chelated Zinc & Omega 3 for skin, coat & paw pads

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