Cat Food Starter Pack

Would you like to try OSCAR Complete Dry Cat Food? Our Cat Food Starter Pack is just the thing!

£5 including free home delivery.

With two 400g starter bags of OSCAR complete dry cat food, a delicious packet of malt bit treats, and a small bag of cat litter all perfectly packed into an airtight storage bucket ... our Starter Packs make a lot of sense!

**This special offer is limited to one purchase only, with a maximum 2 packs per customer**

Sizes and Prices
Kitten Chicken Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Grain Free Chicken Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Rich in Salmon & Chicken Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Rich in Turkey Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Rich in Chicken with Duck Starter Pack £5.00
Senior Rich in Chicken with Turkey Starter Pack £5.00


Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

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