Beaphar Cat Treats

Beaphar Cat Treats

Beaphar Catnip Bits Beaphar Catnip Bits

Beaphar Catnip Bits are delicious, healthy treats which are filled with catnip paste, making them irresistible for your cat.

Beaphar Dental Easy Treats Beaphar Dental Easy Treats

Natural ingredients to protect against plaque and help remove tartar.

Kitties Mix from Beaphar Kitties Mix from Beaphar

A mix of shaped yeast treats in three different shapes and flavours

Malt Bits from Beaphar Malt Bits from Beaphar

Beaphar Malt Bits are healthy, tasty treats filled with delicious malt hairball paste.

Malt Bits with Salmon from Beaphar Malt Bits with Salmon from Beaphar

Beaphar Salmon Bits are healthy, tasty treats filled with delicious, salmon-flavoured hairball paste.

Sweethearts from Beaphar Sweethearts from Beaphar

Beaphar's Colourful heart-shaped treats

Vit Bits from Beaphar Vit Bits from Beaphar

Beaphar Vit-Bits are crunchy treats filled with a delicious Multi-Vitamin paste.

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