Ergonomic Feeder

Fancy name – simple idea. Our ergonomic feeders are the perfect feeding station for dogs which would benefit from the strain taking off their necks, shoulders and elbows. The inside of the 12" and above feeders also act as storage for food or secrets (but you’ll probably just use it for food). One of our most popular products! For dogs prone to bloat, we'd recommend feeding your dog with a Buster Maze slow feeder.

Please note: this feeder should be paired with a matching stainless steel bowl as follows:

6" Feeder = 6.25" Bowl

9" to 12" Feeder = 8" Bowl

15" Feeder = 9.75" Bowl

18" to 21" Feeder = 11" Bowl

Sizes and Prices
Extra Small Ergonomic Feeder 6" £11.99
Very Small Ergonomic Feeder 9" £13.99
Small Ergonomic Feeder 12" £24.99
Medium Ergonomic Feeder 15" £27.99
Large Ergonomic Feeder 18" £34.99
Extra Large Ergonomic Feeder 21" £37.99


Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

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