Stainless Steel Bowl

Tough, easy to clean and a classic product. Perfect for our ergonomic feeders too as they sit neatly on the top!

Match with an ergonomic feeder as follows:

6" Feeder = 6.25" Bowl

9" to 12" Feeder = 8" Bowl

15" Feeder = 9.75" Bowl

18" to 21" Feeder = 11" Bowl

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Sizes and Prices
Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Small 6.25" £1.99 Out of stock
Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Medium 8" £2.99
Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Large 9.75" £3.99
Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Extra Large 11" £4.99


Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

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