High Fibre Lite

A complete, high fibre, lite pet food for adult and senior dogs. We’ve developed the perfect balance of protein, nutrients and vitamins which is ideal for dogs who require a diet that keeps hunger away for longer, high in dietary fibre but with less calories.

Sizes and Prices
Adult Care Complete High Fibre Lite 1.75 £6.50
Adult Care Complete High Fibre Lite 7kg £20.50
Adult Care Complete Fibre Lite 15kg £35.95


wheat 48%, chicken meal 16%, maize 14%, beet pulp 5%, fish meal, full fat linseed, lignocellulose, poultry fat, digest, yeast, limestone, fish oil, glucosamine 400 mg/kg

Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

Fact Sheet
  • Honest LabellingFor over 19 years OSCAR have declared our ingredients by name and percentage. It allows you to see exactly what is in your pet food. We believe that only a complete list will do.
  • Healthy Alert BrainFolic acid and Fish oils for Omega 3 (DHA)
  • Lean BodyL-Carnitine helps your dog burn fat not muscle
  • Healthy JointsGlucosamine to support joint health
  • Great TastingBasted in meat juices so your dog will love it
  • Healthy CoatBiotin, Chelated Zinc & Omega 3 for skin, coat & paw pads

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