Dog Food Starter Pack

Would you like to try OSCAR Complete Dry Dog Food? Our Dog Food Starter Pack is just the thing! £5 including free home delivery.

With a starter bag of OSCAR complete dry dog food, a delicious packet of treats all perfectly packed into an air tight storage tub, our Starter Packs make a lot of sense.

**This special offer is limited to one purchase only, with a maximum 2 packs per customer**

Sizes and Prices
Adult Fresh Salmon (grain free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Chicken & Potato (grain free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Sensitive (grain free) Starter Pack £5.00
Healthy Growth Puppy Food (gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Large Breed Puppy (gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Junior Chicken & Rice (gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Chicken & Rice (gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Lamb & Rice (gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Senior Pinnacle+ (gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Maize Chicken & Rice (wheat gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Maize Lamb & Rice (wheat gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Pinnacle of Life (wheat gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Universal Chicken With Rice (contains cereal) Starter pack £5.00
Adult Universal Beef with Rice (contains cereal) Start Pack £5.00
Senior High Fibre Lite (contains cereal) Starter Pack £5.00
Adult Working Dog Chicken with Salmon (gluten free) Starter Pack £5.00


Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

  • OSCAR Mobility SystemOSCAR Mobility System is formulated for senior dogs. It contains Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin to help support healthy joint cartilage and Manan-oligosaccharides to assist in removing bad bacteria in the gut.
  • OSCAR Honest LabelWe openly declare all the individual ingredients in our food with chemical analysis listed by content. Natural supplements, specific to OSCAR, contribute to all-round health, vitality and condition.
  • Healthy Alert BrainFolic acid and Fish oils for Omega 3 (DHA)
  • Good EyesightLutein to filter strong light
  • Anti-OxidantsBeta Carotene, Vit C & E keep cells healthy
  • Healthy HeartTaurine provides support heart cells
  • Immune SupportVit C & E + Beta-Carotene to support the immune system
  • Lean BodyL-Carnitine helps your dog burn fat not muscle
  • Energy BalanceVitamin B12 & Iron for optimum blood oxygen levels
  • Strong BonesVit D, Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphate to help build strong bones
  • Healthy JointsGlucosamine to support joint health
  • Optimised EnergyVitamin B for optimum energy
  • Healthy DigestionPre-biotics & Beet Pulp for a healthy gut
  • Great TastingBasted in meat juices so your dog will love it
  • Healthy CoatBiotin, Chelated Zinc & Omega 3 for skin, coat & paw pads

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