Maize, Chicken & Rice

Our Maize, Chicken & Rice wheat gluten free recipe is packed with all the goodness an adult dog needs to be active and happy!

Made with the perfect balance of ingredients and a deliciously enhanced flavour it provides a complete meal for your adult dog, every day. With added STAY-C® 50* to support healthy gums and manage plaque and tartar buildup, Beet pulp and Chicory to aid healthy digestion and Biotin, Zinc chelate, Linseed & Omega 3 to support skin and coat.

Your dog is sure to love this delicious, wholesome and healthy food.

*STAY-C®50 is a trademark of DSM.

Sizes and Prices
Maize, Chicken & Rice 1.75kg £8.75
Maize, Chicken & Rice 7kg £26.95
Maize, Chicken & Rice 15kg £48.95


35% Chicken (Chicken meal (26.1%), Chicken fat (6%) Chicken stock (2.9%)), Maize (28.1%), Rice (26.1%), Beet pulp (5%), Linseed (2.4%), Minerals (1.1%), Fish oil (0.8%), Lucerne (0.7%), Chicory extract (as a source of the prebiotc fructo-oligosaccharide) (0.2%), STAY-C®50 (0.07%)*, Glucosamine (0.04%)

Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

Fact Sheet
  • Honest LabellingFor over 19 years OSCAR have declared our ingredients by name and percentage. It allows you to see exactly what is in your pet food. We believe that only a complete list will do.
  • Healthy Alert BrainFolic acid and Fish oils for Omega 3 (DHA)
  • Good EyesightLutein to filter strong light
  • Healthy HeartTaurine provides support heart cells
  • Immune SupportVit C & E + Beta-Carotene to support the immune system
  • Lean BodyL-Carnitine helps your dog burn fat not muscle
  • Energy BalanceVitamin B12 & Iron for optimum blood oxygen levels
  • Strong BonesVit D, Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphate to help build strong bones
  • Healthy JointsGlucosamine to support joint health
  • Optimised EnergyVitamin B for optimum energy
  • Healthy DigestionPre-biotics & Beet Pulp for a healthy gut
  • Great TastingBasted in meat juices so your dog will love it
  • Healthy CoatBiotin, Chelated Zinc & Omega 3 for skin, coat & paw pads

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