Natural Vet Care DogSkin

This veterinary formulated supplement supports the needs of any dog with signs of skin challenges. Developed and recommended for all dogs, this unique formulation combines premium targeted nutrients for optimum skin health in all dogs. It contains essential fatty acids for strong shiny hair, along with nutrient rich sea algae extracts which help nourish the skin and support elasticity.

Dog’Skin provides the ultimate nutritional support for great skin health and a beautiful rich

glossy coat. 150g tub will last 30 days for a small dog, a 300g tub will last 30 days for a large dog.

Sizes and Prices
Natural Vetcare DogSkin 150g £17.00
Natural Vetcare DogSkin 300g £34.00


Ingredients (per kg) Composition Hydrolysed poultry protein, Methyl sulphonyl methane (134g), Fenugreek seed, Salmon oil, Calcium carbonate, Liquorice (48g), Chlorella (dried, 40g), Yam root, Linseed oil, Glutamine, Dextrin.

Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

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