Perfectly Pampered Rewards

Let your dog enjoy being perfectly pampered with these delicious grain free treats. Rich in Omega 3 to keep skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry together with Omega 6 to support skin cell development. With added spirulina to strengthen coat colour and cranberries to boost your dog's immune system. Your dog will be rewarded from head to tail with these delicious treats.

Sizes and Prices
Perfectly Pampered Rewards 300g £4.99


Fresh chicken (48%), Sweet potato (13.23%), Pea starch (13.22%), Vegetable glycerine (10%), Salmon (6.6%), Linseed (3.3%), Dried cranberries (3.3%), Brewers yeast (1.3%), Vinegar and Citric acid (0.6%), Fish oil (0.3%), Tocopherols (0.1%), Spirulina (0.05%)

Ask your Nutritional Advisor for full product analysis & feeding rates.

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