Bonfire Night Advice for Rabbits

Bonfire night can be a worrying time for rabbits.

Created: 10/23/2018 Updated: 8/4/2021 - Shelley Audis-Riddell

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Bonfire night can be worrying and stressful for our cats, dogs and rabbits. Fireworks at this time of year can go on for several weeks before and after November 5th and this stress can have serious implications for our pets, affecting both health and behaviour, especially if experienced over long periods of time. If your pet becomes stressed during firework season, the following advice may help you to make your pet feel more safe and secure.

For rabbits: signs of stress

  • Stamping feet

  • Staying motionless

  • Trying to escape

  • Loss of appetite

Close up of white and grey fluffy rabbit indoors

How to help your rabbit

  • If your Rabbit hutch is outdoors, try moving it inside to the garage or conservatory.

  • If you are unable to move the hutch indoors, place the hutch so it is facing a wall or fence and cover with a duvet to help drown out the noise and lights.

  • If your Rabbit lives indoors, try to drown out the fireworks with background noise such as the radio or the TV.

  • Close all the windows and curtains and lock the cat flap, if you have one.

  • Make sure your Rabbit has somewhere safe to hide. Adding extra straw or hay in the hutch for your Rabbit to burrow in helps to make them feel safe. Alternatively, an up turned cardboard box with an entrance cut out and some bedding inside will create a really secure den for your Rabbit.

  • Check on your Rabbit regularly, and if you notice any signs of stress then contact your vet for advice.

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Do you need further advice?

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