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Dogs for Autism
Dogs for autism

OSCAR proudly sponsors Dogs for Autism

Dogs for Autism is a charity that offers free assistance dogs to individuals with autism, regardless of age or location within the UK. The charity recognizes that independence, access to education, employment and the wider community are privileges that are often taken for granted. Unfortunately, those supported by the charity face significant barriers to fully experiencing their world. However, with the aid of an assistance dog, potential is unlocked in a way that other interventions cannot match. Dogs for Autism provides a vital lifeline to those without comparable support. The training of these life-changing assistance dogs typically takes two years, and all forms of funding will contribute towards these costs.

Assistance dogs trained by Dogs for Autism offer a range of benefits to autistic people, including safety outside the home, increased independence and reduced anxiety and sensory overload. With the added assistance of their dogs, the autistic recipients are better able to access education, public spaces, schools, colleges, work or even medical appointments, while also developing communication and social skills. Autism assistance dogs can help individuals develop stronger relationships and feel more connected to their chosen communities.

Buzzy - dfa trainee assistance dog

"Buzzy has great enthusiasm for his mealtimes and meals are always accompanied with a happy wag and end with a clean bowl.

"We love the service OSCAR provides, Philip our local OSCAR franchisee is really helpful in talking through any concerns and has been excellent at communicating and making sure we never run out of dog food. OSCAR Pet Foods helps give Buzzy the energy he needs to run, play and explore in his downtime and focus when he’s in training mode."

Emma - Puppy Parent to Buzzy – a one year old Golden Retriever trainee assistance dog.

"At 10 months old Polly is now on OSCAR Junior Chicken & Rice a food she loves and eats with great gusto, giving her energy and a zing for play and working as an assistance dog in training.

"Her poos are of perfect consistency and colour indicating a healthy digestion of what she is eating. All in all a happy, healthy pup fed on OSCAR Foods."

Kim - Puppy Parent to Polly – a 10-month-old Labrador trainee assistance dog.

Polly- dfa trainee assistance dog
Cashel- dfa qualified assistance dog

"Cashel has been using OSCAR Lamb & Rice since he was a puppy, Cashel is now 3 and a half years old. He has been very healthy and he loves everyday activities including long walks. Cashel supports Leo on set, which quite often takes all day for shooting a movie on set and some theatre work. Cashel is happy to have a meal and then ready to go back for a long day of work with Leo.

"Thank you very much for supplying generous contributions of OSCAR food. Cashel is now a qualified dog, but we are very happy to continue to use OSCAR's delicious food for Cashel. Cashel tried a sample of Chicken & Rice and he loves it, it seems all the flavours are delicious! All fantastic news. Many thanks again OSCAR Pet Foods & great work Dogs for Autism. "

Leo, Yumi & James also Super survive dog Cashel.

Dogs for Autism are proud to offer their services to autistic people free of charge but rely entirely on grants and donations to cover the costs of training and maintaining the dogs. It costs approximately £25,000 to train and care for each dog, and every donation helps continue to provide life-changing assistance to those in need.

OSCAR Pet Foods feed all Dogs for Autism trainee pups whilst they are in training, contributing to the development of the dogs in their early stages of their lives with expert nutritional and animal health advice. OSCAR Pet Foods offers a free delivery service to the autistic partners’ homes, allowing for peace of mind with the added reassurance of regular scheduled visits that arrive promptly.

To find out more about how you can get involved and support Dogs for Autism why not visit their website.

dogs for autism