The OSCAR Guarantee

We're so confident that you will see a difference within 28 days of feeding The OSCAR Way that we offer a money back guarantee!

Introducing your dog to a new food should be a gradual process. Feeding 'The OSCAR Way' is easy and it's the best way to introduce your pets to a new food. With 17 varieties of Dog Food; and 6 varieties of Cat Food; we're bound to have a flavour to suit your pets. Follow The OSCAR Way and we guarantee your pets will love our food, or your money back!

Our nationwide network of Local Nutritional Advisors are never more than a phone call away! Why not arrange a Nutritional Consultation in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you?

Feeding the OSCAR Way


  • Gradually introduce OSCAR over a five-day period.

  • Mix with current food, increasing by 20% each day until the changeover is complete.

  • Live natural yoghurt may be used to balance intestinal bacteria or clear up minor stomach upsets, especially in puppies.

  • Always feed the correct weighed amount - don't be tempted to overfeed, remember concentrated food will look less.

  • Feed twice per day, rather than once. This will regulate digestion, blood sugar levels and signs of hyperactivity or nervousness.

  • Monitor your dog's toilet - if it is loose then your dog may be eating more than it should. Please discuss with your Nutritional Advisor.

  • Make sure there is always clean drinking water available - your dog will drink more when on dry food.