The OSCAR Service

Rachel Knight Delivering Food to Ludo the Whippet

OSCAR Pet Foods have always stood for a happier healthier longer life for your pets. We are extremely proud of the quality products we offer. We know too that our customers love them and the pets we care for would not stand for anything less!

Our Service Promise We won't let you run out of food.

Once you've started feeding OSCAR we'll make sure that you never need to think about pet food again. We'll keep in touch and deliver whatever you need to your door at your convenience.

OSCAR will take care of your pet family, no matter where in the UK you are. We keep our products away from shops and supermarkets. We can stay competitive and offer a better service by delivering straight to your door.

Depending on where you live, you will either be cared for by a local Franchisee or by our Mail Order department; OscarDirect. If you want to know who looks after your neighbourhood - enter your postcode in the 'Find Your Local Advisor'

  • Free delivery to your door

  • No need to be home - we'll leave it in a safe place of your choosing

  • No 'delivery slots' to choose

  • No need to call us - we know when you'll need more!

  • Free Helpline service too!

We've been caring for thousands of pet families for 25 years, so we know what you need and how best to care for you.

Our Weighing Service

Is your pet under-weight or obese? Ask your OSCAR Nutritional Advisor for help. Weight can be a subjective thing but with our weighing service, we can not just tell you how heavy your pets are, but also make sure you have the right diet for them too!

Our Microchipping Service

Many of our OSCAR Nutritional Advisors are trained PeddyMark Implanters. This means your pet can be microchipped in the comfort of their own home, making the experience less stressful for them than going to the vets.

Compulsory microchipping of dogs in the UK was introduced on 6th April 2016, under the Animals Act. It is now mandatory for all dogs, from 8 weeks of age, to be microchipped, and for the details of the dog to be kept up to date on a government compliant database such as PetLog. As a dog owner, you could face a £500 fine if you do not comply with this piece of legislation. It may seem a little serious but has your dog's best interests at heart!

We understand just how worrying it can be to lose a pet and that is why we encourage owners to properly identify them (whether dog, cat or rabbit), so that when found they can be returned as quickly as possible.

We use PeddyMark microchips and the data from these chips is stored by Petlog: the largest pet reunification service in the UK. It is owned by The Kennel Club and its database stores over 2,000,000 records.

Do you have a litter of puppies or an adult dog that needs microchipping? Contact us on 0800 195 8000 to find your nearest OSCAR Nutritional Advisor who can microchip your pet.

Jo Walker Micro-chipping a Shi Tzu