OSCAR Featured Ingredient: L-Carnitine

L-Carnite great for brain function, heart health and muscle movement.

Created: 7/20/2018 Updated: 8/27/2021 - Shelley Audis-Riddell

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This month we are looking more closely at L-Carnitine and why it is so important. We find out what it does and how it benefits our pets.

What is it?

L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that is synthesised from the essential amino acids Lysine and Methionine. Synthesis occurs in the kidneys of cats and in the liver of dogs, humans and most other mammals. A good source of L-Carnitine can be found in red meats and fish. Dairy products also hold a moderate amount and there is even a small amount in vegetables. L-Carnitine has been used for years to aid weight loss and improve performance in humans. Now our pets can benefit. After all, they’re athletes too!

What does it do?

L-Carnitine helps the body to produce energy and plays an important role in brain function, heart health and muscle movement. L-Carnitine can be very helpful when added to a calorie-controlled diet as it helps to break down and metabolise stored fat, enabling the body to burn this fat as fuel instead of storing it.

Why do we use it?

L-Carnitine can help overweight dogs put their ‘paws on the road’ to a more successful weight-loss program, and it can also be used to maintain a lean, healthy body, as well as improve muscle recovery and increase overall efficiency during exercise. For these reasons, sporting, hard-working and very active dogs can benefit from L-Carnitine as a dietary supplement.

Border Collie running through water.

What products is it in?

Because L-Carnitine is produced within animal (and some plant) cells, it is present in almost all OSCAR diets, but the amounts are noticeably higher in our lighter diets such as OSCAR High Fibre Lite, Pinnacle Plus, and our Pinnacle of Life.

As our pet families get older, it is natural for them to start to slow down and possibly gain a few pounds. OSCAR’s lighter senior diets are designed with reduced calories and salt content to prevent weight gain and ensure that Fido will still get a fulfilling meal - even if he isn't as active as he used to be. L-Carnitine is also added to boost the metabolism of unused stored fats and provides the body with an easier and more accessible energy source in order to maintain a leaner muscle mass - maintaining overall body condition into later years. Due to the benefits L-Carnitine in more active dogs, it is also found in OSCAR Working Dog Chicken and Salmon.

Not only part of the family, but also part of the business too! Our working dogs can be the most important members of a working team, so it is important that we support their strenuous lifestyle as much as we can. OSCAR add L-Carnitine to support muscle recovery to keep them fighting fit and ready for working challenges, maintaining lean muscle mass to keep them strong and supple whilst encouraging the metabolism of stored fats for conversion into valuable energy.

So, if Benji's belly is getting bigger or you are looking for something to help Shep keep up with the sheep, why not try something different and see what OSCAR can offer? We’d be pleased to help!

Do you need further advice?

If you need any further advice, please contact the OSCAR Helpline Team on our freephone number 0800 195 8000 or email helpline@oscars.co.uk.