Rewarding Your Dog

Rewarding your dog is such a great part of pet ownership, and there are lots of reasons to do it.

Created: 5/21/2018 - Shelley Audis-Riddell

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Rewarding your dog is one of the most enjoyable parts of dog ownership. It's a feel-good motivator for both dog and owner and something everyone in the family can do. Working out what makes your dog tick is really important; not all dogs are motivated by food. Some prefer toys , a special game, or simply some praise and a stroke.

Dog with tennis ball

Here are 10 reasons why you should reward your dog:

  1. It improves the relationship bond between you.

  2. It supports your dog's learning and understanding of what is expected of them.

  3. Rewarding your dog for good behaviour helps to build their confidence.

  4. It can help to teach your dog new skills.

  5. Rewarding your dog makes you feel good! There’s nothing better than seeing your dog being happy!

  6. Rewarding your dog makes you a better owner; it helps you to understand your dog better.

  7. Rewarding your dog helps to correct poor behaviour and instil better responses to situations.

  8. Rewarding your dog for good behaviour is the right thing to do because your dog shouldn't ‘just do it'. We all like to be rewarded for a good job!

  9. Reward-based training has long lasting effects.

  10. Rewarding your dog leads to a happy and friendly dog!

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