Treating Your Beloved Pet With OSCAR Pet Foods

Feeding your pets OSCAR treats

Created: 2/21/2019 Updated: 1/19/2024 - Shelley Audis-Riddell

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As proud pet owners, it’s nice to show our appreciation and love towards our four-legged friends with a treat or two! The way we treat our pets varies from person to person; some owners use treats as a reward for good behaviour, some may use treats to calm an overly excitable pet while others may even treat their pet simply because their pet asks them to: using those cute, adorable eyes that bury into your soul!

“Feed me, I'm cute and fluffy and I deserve to be fed a treat!”

At OSCAR we recommend treating your pets as part of a balanced diet, and we have a wide selection of treats available for dogs, cats and small animals.

Dog waiting by their food dish

Treats for your dogs

Treats are a great way to reward your dog's behaviour, but please be careful: when feeding treats, remember to reduce your dog's meal intake because extra calories from treats are stored as fat in the body which can have a long-lasting effect on your dog’s health.

Making sure you feed your dog the correct type of treats can be just as important as choosing their correct diet. If your dog has a dietary requirement, remember to check labels carefully or ask your local nutritional advisor for advice.

  • For a low calorie option, we would recommend OSCAR Chicken with Yoghurt Treats which are also grain free.

  • If you are looking for the perfect treat for rewarding your new puppy during training and first walks, our delicious Chicken Liver Training Treats are gluten-free and irresistible! (and we all know that dogs love liver and chicken and will do anything to earn a treat!). They are exceptionally beneficial for training puppies due to their small shape and softness.

  • Our Meaty Rolls (as their name suggests) are thin rolls of delicious meaty treat which are ideal for use whilst training as a few of them can be stored in a pocket or bag and broken into smaller pieces to be given as a reward at a later date.

  • Sausages come in all shapes and sizes, but OSCAR sausages only come in one size... long! OSCAR Long Sausages come in Black Pudding or Venison, and are packed full of meaty goodness - sure to go down a treat with your dog.

We know it’s tempting, but do not be over-generous. Just like us, too many treats may cause weight gain and will also upset the balance of your dog’s diet.

If you would like more information about pet diet and nutrition, please contact our helpline team on our free phone number 0800 195 8000 or email

Dogs patiently waiting for their OSCAR dog treat

Treats for your cats

Whereas dogs usually eat any treat you feed them, some cats can be fussy and take their time to find their preferred diet. Cats are sensitive to new smells and textures, so you need to know that a straight swap to new foods or treats may present too much of a change and may even stop them from eating the food altogether.

We partner with Beaphar to provide our feline customers with a selection of healthy and beneficial cat treats which even the fussiest of cats can’t resist!

  • Catnip Bits are delicious, healthy treats filled with catnip paste - making them irresistible for your cat. Adored by cats and packed in special conditioned pouches which are re-sealable to keep the treats especially fresh and tasty!

  • Malt Bits are healthy, tasty treats filled with delicious malt hairball paste which will help to ensure the smooth, natural passage of ingested hair through the intestines.

  • Daily Eats Crunchy Cushions have a tasty creamy filling with a crunchy exterior. They are Vitamin enriched with Vitamin A and D3 to promote strong, healthy bones and help boost your cat’s immune system.

  • Dental Easy Treats contains natural ingredients to protect against plaque and help remove tartar. 85% of cats over the age of 4 have dental problems caused by the build-up of plaque on their teeth. These easy treats are a tasty and easy way to clean your cat’s teeth rather than resorting to a toothbrush!

Cat lying down outside with owners

Treat your rabbits and guinea pigs

Rabbits and guinea pigs benefit from treats, as they can be used to maintain emotional health and prevent boredom.

When treating your rabbit or guinea pig, be cautious about what you feed them. As they are herbivores, it’s easy to assume that they can eat all types of fruit and vegetables but not all are suitable. For example, avocados, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce and rhubarb. When feeding fresh food try avoiding feeding them whole items of fruit and vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes to avoid overfeeding, and remember to remove seeds and leaves as they can be harmful to their digestive system.

Do you need further advice?

If you need any further advice, please contact the OSCAR Helpline Team on our freephone number 0800 195 8000 or email