Companion Animal Nutrition Course for Pet Professionals

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This CPD course is perfect for pet professionals working directly with dogs and cats seeking to develop their understanding of nutrition, healthy weight management, diet health & disease and the role of diet & behaviour. 

We provide a high level of learning and development for each student, this is why our course has been structured to the OFQUAL requirement for a level 3 course.

This course will award you with Vetpol CPD hours, perfect for SQP professionals. The course is structured to allow you as much flexibility as possible so you can fit your studies around other family and work commitments.

Course content

The course is delivered over 9 months. For each module, you will be provided with a workbook, course notes and a set deadline for completion. We provide all students with guided learning and support throughout.

Module 1: The Basics of Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

  • Understand the nutrition requirements of dogs and cats

Module 2: Diets and Feeding Regimes for Dogs and Cats

  • Understand the digestive anatomy and physiology of dogs and cats

  • Be able to explain the energy needs of dogs and cats

  • Understand the concepts of digestibility and palatability

  • Understand the evolution and domestication of the dog and their impact on nutritional requirements

  • Understand the feeding behaviour and regimes of dogs and cats

Kitten being examined at the vets
Jack Russell dog asleep in it's bed

Module 3: Nutrition for Dogs and Cats in Health and Disease

  • Understand the importance of providing a balanced diet for dogs and cats

  • Understand the nutritional requirements at different lifestages of the dog and cat.

  • Understand the nutritional needs of dogs and cats with chronic disease

  • Understand nutritional requirements and management of overweight & obese dogs and cats

Module 4: The Effect of Nutrition on the Behaviour of Dogs and Cats

  • Understand the nutritional needs of dogs and cats with chronic disease

  • Understand the influence of nutrition on the behaviour of dogs and cats

  • Understand the implications of current research in nutrition for dogs and cats

Course features

  • 4 modules consisting of online distance learning, through workbooks

  • 1-2-1 support from the course tutor along with monthly drop-in online sessions

  • Consists of 9 months of study

  • Certificate and pin badge awarded on completion and passing all four modules

When is the next course due to start?

The next course is due to start 4th of September 2023.

How much does the course cost?

The cost of the course is £300 and must be fully paid before the start of the course. Payment will be made by invoice.

How do I enrol?

To enrol email to start your learning journey.

Retriever dog and grey and white cat happy with together at meal time