OSCAR Dog Breeders Club

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Join our Dog Breeders Club

At OSCAR we understand that as a breeder it is important to wean your litter onto the best possible nutrition for the best start to a puppy’s life. Our complete dry dog foods offer optimum nutrition for complete wellbeing. We list all of our ingredients with 100% honesty so you can see exactly what you are feeding a mother and her puppies.

We are delighted to offer dog breeders who have joined our dog breeder club a 15% discount* on food during gestation and weaning. We also provide FREE OSCAR Puppy Packs once your litter is ready for the next step of their life with their new family.

Key Requirements

  • You must be feeding OSCAR dog food for 3 months

  • You promote OSCAR products to your new puppy owners

  • You are only affiliated with OSCAR Dog Breeders Club

  • You promote responsible dog breeding

To apply and join the OSCAR Dog Breeders Club click here or call 0800 195 8000.

Welcome Dog Breeders Pack

Once you have joined the OSCAR Dog Breeders Club we will put you in contact with your local OSCAR franchisee and you will receive a downloadable breeder pack by email.

Your welcome pack will contain:

  • Introduction letter to your local OSCAR services

  • First Steps Breeder Guide

  • First Steps Puppy Guide

  • Voucher for £5 off items out of the OSCAR PetXtra

Small brown and white puppy looking at the camera
OSCAR Healthy Growth Puppy Starter Pack

Free Puppy Packs

When your litter has arrived, let your OSCAR franchisee know or contact OSCAR Direct and we’ll deliver your free set of puppy packs. Tell us the new family details and we will contact them and let them know about their local OSCAR service.

Each puppy pack contains:

  • 1.75 kg of OSCAR Puppy Food

  • Small storage bucket

  • Introduction letter and money off vouchers

  • First Steps Puppy Guide

  • Small packet of puppy training treats

*Participating franchisees only