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OSCAR franchisees bring many different skills to our network but share the same desire for a better work/life balance.

Franchisee testimonial Lynette Higgins

Lynette Higgins, OSCAR Pet Foods Bridgnorth

Previously working in marketing, sales and management

“As a lifelong pet owner, I think OSCAR came to me for a reason and I really liked the concept. It had a very strong brand presence on the internet – eye-catching and professional, which also gave me confidence. I thrive on a challenge, am self-motivated and very much a people person and I could relate to the benefits of the OSCAR service.

"The team at OSCAR were able to answer all my questions, and with additional research on the brand, the company, the pet food market and local pet owners, I knew I was making the right choice. How many franchisors give you the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification which adds to the success of your business? OSCAR does and I was very impressed.”

Nigel & Sally Bragg, OSCAR Pet Foods Bridport

Previously working in sales and human resource management

“As fate would have it, our decision to take on an OSCAR resale business coincided with Covid-19 and we found ourselves launching our franchise during lockdown!

"Being newcomers to franchising we had no pre-conceived ideas and I’m pleased to say we’ve done quite well. Purchasing a resale gave us ready-made customers with regular repeat orders."

Franchisee testimonial Nigel & Sally Bragg
Franchisee testimonial Shaun & Dawn Brigden

Shaun and Dawn Brigden, OSCAR Pet Foods Burgess Hill

Previously a successful business owner in the building trade

“Building homes for people and giving a home to rescue dogs had been our life before OSCAR. After thirty years in the building industry, I knew I wouldn’t be fit enough to continue climbing ladders forever. The temptation came when our current OSCAR pet food supplier was planning retirement.

"We knew the product and our three dogs, Vegas, Max and Freddie, were enjoying the benefits of a complete pet care service and nothing but quality food. The purchasing experience was thorough and all at a pace to suit our needs. OSCAR gave us the chance to run a successful business with even more time together. We’ve never looked back.”

Nigel & Berni Woodall, OSCAR Pet Foods Knutsford

Previously working in call centre management and the motor industry

"Thanks to our Jack Russell, Mollie, we’ve had connections with OSCAR since 2008. We love the great outdoors, and the principle of the business, combined with Nigel's qualification as a dog trainer and Kennel Club examiner, was ideal.

"Overwhelmed by the professionalism of the OSCAR team we had no desire to consider any other business opportunity. They guided us through the process, step by step, with no hard pressure, giving us even more faith in their extensive range of quality products and services."

Franchisee testimonial Nigel & Bernie Woodall
Franchisee Testimonial Craig Smith

Craig Smith, OSCAR Pet Foods Dundee

Previously a scaffolding contracts supervisor

“It was the need for a better work-life balance that drove me to dig deeper into the world of franchising and OSCAR. The subject of pets had a good feel about it: outdoors, physical, healthy and sociable. So I didn't hesitate to go online and, having already seen an OSCAR van locally, I investigated further into the realms of franchising and found a business which was for sale in my area.

“Since joining OSCAR I've never enjoyed life so much! A walk in the park to establish potential customers has made me realise that pet people are very approachable and more fun – noticeably different to working on a building site.”

Rachel Knight, OSCAR Pet Foods Northamptonshire

Previously working in commercial finance

"After spending 25 years in the bank as a commercial financial advisor to farming clients, I took voluntary redundancy. I went on to join a farm insurer as an 'on farm insurance agent' offering advice on the many aspects of insurance. After three stressful years of working unsociable hours and travelling around the country for little reward, I made my decision to move on.

"I'm far less stressed and I have time for myself, my husband and my two dogs, Ted and Hannie, while enjoying new friendships with my customers. OSCAR felt right for me and my recommendation to anyone looking at a new business is to take your time and tick all the boxes to ensure it's right for you and your family."

Franchisee Testimonial Rachel Knight

Franchisee Videos

Richard Hebden - OSCAR Pet Foods Flintshire

“Working in the drinks industry, I was always close to the risk of redundancy. Fifteen years, with ten of those years in retail, and under the pressure of constant targets was very stressful.

“My road to OSCAR was through the British Franchise Association and my own Springer Spaniel, OSCAR, who was in need of some good quality food. But more to the point, as an animal lover and with a passion for the outdoors, the opportunity was very appealing. "

Steve & Jill Tubbs - OSCAR Pet Foods Wilts-Gloucs

"After twenty years of running a successful convenience store and petrol station with a staff of twenty-five we knew how to run a business - and the meaning of self-employment. Dedication and long hours brought success but it was time to reduce the pace and bring enjoyment back into our lives."

"With belief in our product and a passion for what we can offer our customers - like-minded people with fantastic pets – our success in this business comes from dedicating time to making sure that every customer is special. It is important for us to listen, understand and respond to their needs at any time. Giving a little extra brings a greater reward and loyalty is extremely valuable to a small business."

Janine Hampson - OSCAR Pet Foods Ashton in Makerfield

"My future career has been inspired by the concept of a very personal service.

I have strength in all aspects of customer service, gained through previous employment and running my own newsagents for ten years. I understand the concept of keeping a customer happy and consider my OSCAR business will benefit from this experience.

"My research led me to OSCAR; it really stood out. I love animals and could not find anything in my area that offered such a good service."

Stuart Edgar - OSCAR Pet Foods Carlisle

"Choosing an OSCAR franchise was easy because I was struck by the company’s honesty. From my very first enquiry I received nothing but truthful and sincere support from its amazing head office team. I immediately knew it was a brand I could get behind and feel comfortable with.

“I love being my own boss because any ‘stress’ is mine. I also love the ability to work with some fantastic customers and their pets – who wouldn’t? We were looking to rebalance and have a better quality of life. OSCAR Pet Foods has definitely given us that!”

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