Adult Cat Meaty Delight Single Protein Chicken 200g x6

Brand: animonda

Meaty Delight Single Chicken Protein Tinned Cat Food stands for balanced nutrition at its best for adult cats. It is made from 100 % fresh meaty ingredients from one source of animal protein and contains natural omega-3 fatty acids from canola oil. Meaty Delight Single Protein Tinned Cat Food is produced without grain, soya and sugar and provides all the essential nutrients an adult cat needs.

  • Single Source Protein

  • Grain Free Recipe

  • Contains natural omega-3 fatty acids from canola oil


Pet Care Guide

When feeding for the first time, introduce gradually over a period of 4 to 10 days. Cats prefer to eat little and often. Follow our feeding guide and divide the total amount of food into a minimum of 3 to 4 meals per day. Cats prefer dishes that are shallow and wide so that their whiskers do not touch the sides. Fresh water should always be available. Some cats prefer water fountains, tap water or rain water, so allow for choice. Keep your cat’s feeding bowls, resting areas and litter trays in separate areas. Scatter feeding or hiding food can help to keep cats fit and active, reducing their chances of obesity.

Weight - g per day

3 kg - 200 g

4 kg - 245 g

5 kg - 285 g


Chicken (heart, liver, stomach, meat, neck, fat)
Canola oil
Calcium carbonate
Sodium chloride

Analytical Constituents

Fat Content
Crude Fibre
Crude Ash
Moisture Content

Nutritional Additives