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Beaphar CaniComfort Calming Diffuser

Brand: Beaphar

Beaphar CaniComfort 30 day refill plug in

The Beaphar CaniComfort Calming Diffuser is a simple and effective solution to reducing problem behaviour in dogs, such as barking, furniture destruction, urinary marking, excessive licking and scratching, or general feelings of anxiety.

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Beaphar CaniComfort contains a copy of the naturally produced Dog Appeasing Pheromone, which is instantly recognisable to dogs. It is naturally produced by the bitch when she nurses her puppies, and gives a continuous and reassuring message to let dogs know that this is a safe and calm area for them to be in. This can be incredibly valuable when bringing home a new dog, helping them settle quickly into their new routine.

The easy-to-use plug in diffuser can be placed in any area of the house, and is effective for up to 30 days with continual use before needing a refill.

Suitable for dogs of all ages.

Easy-to-use diffuser with refill

Contains pheromones; clinically proven to reduce problem behaviour in dogs

Promotes feelings of reassurance and safety

Calms without sedating

Lasts 30 days with continual use

1x plug

1x 48ml refill (30 days)



• Use the diffuser in the room your dog spends most of their time

• Use continuously, do not switch off when leaving the house or overnight

• Replace the refill reservoir with a new Beaphar CaniComfort 30 Day Refill after 30 days, or when empty

• Replace the plug-in diffuser every six months to ensure optimal performance

• Use one diffuser per 70m²

• Use with a 230V plug socket only


• Don't use with a multi-socket, extension cord, an adaptor or a converter

• Don't use a different brand refill reservoir with Beaphar CaniComfort® Calming Diffuser

• Don't use near open windows/doors or drafts as this will reduce how well the diffuser works


Store in a cool, well-ventilated, safe place until ready to use. Protect from sunlight. Once empty, dispose of packaging and reservoir in the household rubbish. Beaphar CaniComfort 30 Day Refills are made from recyclable plastic.

May be fatal if swallowed. In cases of oral ingestion, contact poisons centre immediately. Do not induce vomiting and seek medical advice. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, and hot surfaces - no smoking. Do not use near a naked flame or any incandescent material. Do not inhale. Avoid contact with eyes. Should accidental eye contact occur, rinse immediately with clean, fresh water and seek medical advice if irritation persists. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone analogue 2%