Rat Trap Task for Buster Activity Mat

Brand: Buster

Buster rat trap task for the buster activity mat

Rat Trap Task for Buster ActivityMat

This is a 2-in-1 task consisting of an oblong bag which is attached to the mat by means of a press stud in each corner. Within this bag is a smaller bag.

• The smaller bag is closed with the Velcro. The smaller bag also has a ‘tail’ which allows the dog to pull it from the outer bag

•• The ‘tail bag’ is loosely placed on the mat

••• The ‘tail bag’ is placed in the bigger bag, with the”tail” sticking out. You can choose either to let the dog open the small bag or make the dog give it to you and then give the dog a treat.

Please note that it is essential to use the basic Buster ActivityMat with the individual tasks.