Beaphar Eye Gel

Brand: Beaphar

Packet of Beaphar eye gel

Beaphar Eye Gel is a sterile liquid gel to soothe and relieve dry and irritated eyes. Once applied to the eye, the gel gently softens and melts across the cornea to provide instant relief and reduce discomfort caused by dry eyes. Beaphar Eye Gel contains Vitamin A to help protect and repair the surface of the eye.

There are many things that can cause irritation and inflammation to our pet’s eyes, including pollution, pollen, dust, aerosols, and even hay, straw and sawdust from small animal bedding. Beaphar Eye Gel is ideal for helping your pet’s eyes to naturally clean dust and debris away.

Suitable for all animals, big and small.


Pet Care Guide


  1. Remove the screw cap on the tube.

  2. Hold your pet gently but firmly and place a single drop of Beaphar Eye Gel directly onto the surface of the eye, ensuring the tube does not touch the eye. You may find it helpful to support your pet in a towel to help restrain them while you are administering the Beaphar Eye Gel.

  3. The gel will gently melt across the surface of the eye.

If required, this can be repeated every four hours.

IMPORTANT: Dispose of Beaphar Eye Gel 28 days after opening and replace with a new one.

If symptoms persist beyond 1–2 days, we recommend seeking veterinary advice as there may be an underlying infection that needs medicinal treatment.