Fiprotec Spot on for Cats 4 Vial

Brand: Beaphar

Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On for Cats is an effective and affordable veterinary strength medicine to control fleas and ticks on your cat. Containing the well-known active ingredient fipronil, Beaphar Fiprotec Spot-On for Cats effectively kills fleas for up to five weeks and kills ticks at the time of treatment.

Suitable for cats from 8 weeks of age and weighing more than 1kg.

All pets are at risks from fleas, even cats that don’t go outside, as we can bring them in on our clothes. It is important to establish a regular flea control routine for your pets and your home.

95% of the flea’s life cycle is in the home. When tackling a flea problem, in addition to treating your pet, always use a household insecticide, such as Beaphar Fleatec Household Flea Spray or Beaphar Extra Long Lasting Household Flea Fogger for your home.

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Pet Care Guide


Do not remove the pipette from the foil blister until you are ready to use the product.

Weigh your cat carefully before application to ensure they weigh 1kg or more.

  1. Use the easy-peel corners to remove the pipette from its blister pack.

  2. Holding the pipette upright, tap the neck section to ensure the contents fall back into the body of the pipette.

  3. Carefully snip off the top of the pipette using scissors.

  4. Part your cat’s fur between the shoulder blades and place the tip of the pipette onto the skin.

  5. Apply half the pipette between the shoulder blades and apply half at the base of the neck, directly onto the skin.

Do not allow children to play with your pet until the fur is fully dry.

For continuous protection, reapply Beaphar Fiprotec Spot-On for Cats every four weeks.