NAF Canine No Chew Spray 250ml

Brand: Natural Vet Care

NAF no chew spray

No Chew is a safe effective deterrent spray for using as part of behavioural training to dissuade unwanted chewing in dogs and cats.

Highly recommended for puppies, kittens and adults.


Pet Care Guide

Why do pets chew?

It is normal for animals to use their mouths to explore the world around them, which leads to them biting and chewing at objects in their environment. Pets also bite and chew at objects and each other during play. Chewing is therefore a normal behaviour, particularly in young animals who are inquisitive or teething. There can however, be underlying behavioural reasons (such as stress or boredom) that lead to excessive chewing or destructive behaviours and this is often this stage at which owners seek help.

Using a deterrant spray like No Chew can be ideal for use as part of behavioural training in puppies, kittens and adult pets, to discourage chewing on unsuitable or dangerous objects but a deterrant spray is not a guaranteed quick fix. Unwanted chewing can be due to a host of complicated behavioural issues, so if the problem behaviours persist we recommend speaking to your vet about additional help.

Other ways to discourage unwanted biting/chewing:

  • Do not scold your pet for chewing on something. Instead, calmly remove the item from them and replace it with a suitable chew toy.

  • Offer your pet lots of suitable toys to bite and chew on. Make these new toys exciting and interesting by adding tasty treats to them.

  • Use puzzle toys that make your pet use their brain to get to treats. This keeps them occupied and prevents boredom.

  • Make sure your pet is getting enough physical exercise. If you are not sure how much is enough, speak to your vet as requirements differ for each pet.

  • Seek veterinary behaviourist help early on to give you the best chance of correcting problem behaviours quickly

Easy to Use Spray!

No Chew can be applied to any surface or material around the home or car as required and can also be used on fabric items such as shoes, beds and bandages. This product is a clear spray but you may wish to carry out a small patch test prior to initial use.