Olive Wood Chew Medium

Brand: James and Steel

Medium olive wood chew for dogs

Natural & Sustainable chews for puppies and dogs, helps to keep teeth clean & strengthens jaw muscles. Perfect for puppies when teething.

Wood fibres can be swallowed & digested safely durable, long-lasting & low mess.

ECO-FRIENDLY 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS gently air-dried to preserve natural nutrients & antioxidants. No artificial ingredients or animal products enriched with natural olive oil for added goodness available in three sizes.


Pet Care Guide

Safety: Ensure your dog is supervised at all times when feeding. Remove the chew once it gets down to a size which your dog could easily swallow.

Olive Wood Chews don't splinter the same way a softer wood does, but parts will come away from them as they are chewed. These parts should be taken away from your dog.


Olive wood
Olive oil