Wild Bird Seed No-Grow Seed 12.75kg

Brand: OSCAR

A great mix of premium quality bird seed with the added peace of mind that fallen seeds are not going to grow in your garden. No Grow is clever. It works by de-husking or cracking the seeds. This damages the seeds and stops them germinating but does not affect the seeds nutritional values. There is no chemical process involved.

If you are new to No Grow - make sure you move your feeder away from where it used to be because there will be old seeds in the ground beneath the existing feeding area. These can stay dormant for a while and may sprout.



Cut wheat
Kibbled maize
Sunflower hearts
Pinhead oatmeal
Micronised naked oats
Chopped nuts
Micronised maize
Micronised wheat
Soyabean oil