Pet + Me Silicone Brush Green

Brand: Pet+

Pet + Me brush green for cats and dogs

Soft silicone and perfect for:

  • Cats with long hair

  • Cats with thick hair and undercoat

  • Small breed dogs with silky, long hair and soft undercoat

The Multi Functional & Species Specific 100% Silicone pet Brush: developed by experienced specialists in Switzerland to be the least invasive, most durable and effective wellness grooming product on the market for pets.

A revolutionary new multi-functional brush that cleans, grooms and massages:

  • Made from 100% Silicone

  • Excellent for removing lint or hair from upholstery

  • Machine Washable brushes and remain as good as new

  • Lifetime guarantee

Because of the static charges of cat’s fur it is important to use the pet+me® brush wet (not dripping wet, just damp). This will eliminate the static charges. It will also help in attracting the loose hair, keeping it from becoming airborne. The damp silicone brush will easily glide through the fur and pick up all the loose hair. This massage-grooming not only leaves the fur soft and shiny, it is also very relaxing to the cat.