UC-II® Collagen Bedtime Treats for Dogs 120 chews

Brand: AniVatio

UC-II® Collagen Bedtime Treats for Dogs 120 chews

Clinically proven* to improve mobility and renew joint cartilage.

Anivatio's UC-II® ProJoint soft chews are clinically proven to regenerate new cartilage growth around joints, reducing joint discomfort and promoting joint flexibility for healthier, active dogs.

They are to be taken after food, prior to bed, as optimal joint healing occurs during sleep. When additional support is required for joint inflammation a second dose can be given in the morning prior to food.

  • Specially formulated to support joints, reduce stiffness and optimise mobility

  • UC-II® is best given as a bedtime treat for optimal results

  • Clinically proven to outperform glucosamine and chondroitin in improving joint mobility

  • Veterinary formulated

  • Made in UK with ethically sourced salmon

  • Gluten & grain free recipe

A complementary pet food for adult dogs and puppies over 12 months.

Made with UC-II® ingredient, UC-II® is a Lonza trademark.

*In clinical trials after 90 days, dogs showed a marked reduction in overall pain by 57%, and exercise-associated lameness by 46%. After 120 days, maximum pain reduction was seen in overall pain by 90% and exercise-associated lameness by 78%.


Pet Care Guide

Dosage: One treat is approximately 2 grams containing 20mg UC-II®.

Lower dose: For joint support, give two treats prior to sleep in the evening.

Higher dose: When required for additional support and to aid mobility give two treats in the morning prior to food and two treats in the evening prior to sleep.


Vegetable glycerol
Dried potato
Dried sweet potato
Salmon oil

Analytical Constituents

Fat Content
Inorganic Matter
Crude Fibre
Moisture Content

Technological Additives

UC-II® Collagen powder
with Undenatured Type ll Collagen