UC-II® Collagen Oral Gel For Cats 60ml

Brand: AniVatio

Joint support UC-II Oral Gel for cats

Anivatio's UC-II® Collagen Oral Gel is 2.3x more effective than market leading joint care supplements*. Veterinary formulated and clinically proven to reduce joint discomfort by working with the body's natural healing processes. See your cat pouncing to perfection again!

This delicious salmon flavoured, oral gel works best when the cat is resting. To be taken after food, prior to bed.

  • Clinically proven to outperform glucosamine and chondroitin in improving joint mobility

  • UC-II® is best given before bedtime for optimal results

  • Veterinary formulated

A complementary pet supplement for adult cats and kittens over 12 months.

Made with UC-II® ingredient, UC-II® is a Lonza trademark.

See mobility improvements within 7 days and an ongoing reduction in joint pain every 30 days, by up to 90% after 120 days. ProJoint is formulated to action the body to grow new cartilage around joints.

*Research available on request


Pet Care Guide

Dosage: Give your cat 1ml of ProJoint orally each day. 1ml contains 40mg UC-II®. 

ProJoint can be mixed with food if necessary. ProJoint is a universal dose for all cats. Sterilise syringe after each use. A complementary pet supplement for adult cats and kittens over 12 months. Sterilise syringe after each use.